How does it work

Where to find out more?

You can get help with Self-Directed Support, you can ask:

  • Your family
  • A friend or Advocate
  • Your circle of support
  • Your Care Manager
  • Your local support organisation
  • Your local authority

Applying for Self-Direct Support

If you already get services or support through your local council, ask for a review. Tell your Care Manager you may want to change to Self-Directed Support and want a Direct Payment.

Carr Gomm Can Help

We provide locally based support staff and offer flexible support solutions.

We will always listen in an open and honest way.

We will think ahead and plan with you for your future.

We can make it easy for you if you have a Direct Payment; 

  1. get in touch by requesting a callback from us,
  2. we agree the hours of support and you can meet with potential workers,
  3. you are in control and we support you to achieve what you want.