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Self-Directed Support

Self–Directed Support allows people to be in charge of their support so they can live the life they choose. The Scottish Government Strategy on Self-Directed Support  was published in December 2010.

A Direct Payment is money in lieu of services organised by your local Social Work Department. This allows people with an assessed need to take control and arrange their own support.

“A Direct Payment is a form of helping me to get the right support and right people, with help from my provider Carr Gomm. It gives you more freedom” Freya

If you have a story to share about Self-Directed Support you can do so here and make sure to mention Carr Gomm!

What Support Means To Us

What Support Means To Us

Support is how we work with people to enable them to live the life they choose, enabling you to live successfully within your own home and community. More
How good are we?

How good are we?

Carr Gomm is one of the best providers of social care in Scotland and as such we set exceedingly high standards of service delivery. More