Gordon’s Story: from striving to thriving

Wellbeing and Recovery


Gordon was very active. He thrived on getting out and about, walking and socialising. But, when we first met him, Gordon was finding it hard to simply get out the door.

Gordon was struggling with motivation and communication. His self-esteem had plummeted, to the extent that he always walked with his head down, facing the ground. He was isolated, battled to make friends, and had put on a lot of weight due to inactivity.

In November 2016, Gordon started receiving support from a team of workers in our Glasgow Integrated service; Vera, John and Eddie. Gordon’s goals, or ‘outcomes’, were to build his confidence and self-esteem, and to become more independent again. He was eager to get involved in local activities and support his family with chores again.

The team set about supporting Gordon to build some structure into his days. They encouraged him to re-engage with walking, slowly building his confidence by doing some local walks with him and helping him to connect with a couple of local walking groups.

Gradually, Gordon’s confidence began to grow. He would feel pressured about having to take the lead in conversations, but his team showed him that he could just listen in to what other people were saying, chipping in when he felt like it.

After only a few months, Gordon was achieving positive outcomes in his life. He was going out on his own and even started visiting places with his sister; something he’d previously lacked the confidence to do. Gordon recently sent us the following note about the impact Vera, John and Eddie’s support has had:

“Since meeting the Carr Gomm team, I found Vera, John and Eddie very good at making me feel at ease. They were very good at listening to me and helping me. I now find that I can go to busy places, like Tollcross Park, and I joined a walking group who go out for the day and walk 5 miles. I do this with the support of Carr Gomm.

With their help, I have found myself doing things that I never thought I could do. Vera, John and Eddie have helped my self-esteem and confidence come back to me ten-fold. The Carr Gomm team are very professional and have changed the whole outlook of my life.”

Eddie, one of Gordon’s Support Workers, commented:

“The change in Gordon has really been quite dramatic; from someone who lived in the shadows, doing literally nothing, to someone who is now out and about and active in the community.”

Even the Community Psychiatric Nurse commented how Gordon’s outlook on life is now so much more positive compared to when he was first referred to Carr Gomm.

We’re thrilled to hear of another life changed as a result of our support.


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