Going above and beyond – Rothesay Day Response Team

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Carr Gomm is proud of the passion and commitment of our teams. For our staff, working in our services is much more than a job – it’s a chance to make a real difference in the lives of the people we support, to learn more about the people we support and establish fantastic relationships as a result.

Our Rothesay Day Response team has been nominated for Carr Gomm’s Time to Shine Awards as ‘Team of the Year’ and ‘Most Innovative Team’. These nominations acknowledge their hard work, and their willingness to go above and beyond to provide meaningful support to the community.

Cath McLoone, Adult Care Team Leader at Argyll and Bute Council, was pleased to provide feedback in support of the team’s nomination. She shared an example of the team’s support of an older person in Bute who had a sudden change in circumstances and needed support to continue their daily routine.

Unfortunately, the individual was not comfortable with a formal assessment, and required an innovative approach to introduce support. The Rothesay Day Response team was asked to get involved.

“The team quickly gained the individual’s trust, and established a great working relationship; my belief is this was due to their kindness, friendliness and person-centered approach”, Cath said. 

“The team continued to support this individual over a period of time and, in doing so, supported them to live at home longer than anyone thought possible. In addition, due to the established relationships with the team, the individual did eventually accept support and advice from health colleagues.”

“Many members of the Health and Social Care Partnership team were impressed with this work as the DR team successfully did what many professionals before them had failed to do; deliver the right support, at the right time, in a way which best suited the individual.

“This is only one example of many that I can think of, but it is one which I will always remember as their kindness as individuals was really the success in this situation. I cannot speak highly enough of this team; so proud to have them as part of the Extended Community Care Team in Bute.”

This is a fantastic outcome, and a testament to the Rothesay Day Response team’s compassion, expertise and integrity.

The winners of the Time to Shine Awards will be announced at Carr Gomm’s Annual General Meeting, on 24th November 2017. Details of the award winners will be announced online – via our website and social media – following the AGM.

Good luck to all of the teams nominated!