Donna’s Story: a move towards recovery

Wellbeing and Recovery

Here at Carr Gomm, we love receiving feedback. There is nothing more encouraging than hearing how our support has impacted on and changed people’s lives. After all, this is the very reason we exist, to support people to lead their lives safely and to do the things they want to do: in day-to-day living, in planning for the future and in realising dreams.

When we met Donna, she was incredibly anxious and struggling to establish a daily routine. Donna’s days had become her nights, and she found it difficult to get up in the morning and accomplish tasks during the day. Donna found it challenging to open up and talk to others, which only added to her feelings of loneliness and isolation. So Donna started receiving support from the team in one of our Glasgow services, namely from Carla. Her goal was to start getting out and about, settle into a daily routine again, and feel more able to chat to others. It was essential that Donna was supported to do this at her own pace to help reduce her feelings of anxiety.

Recently, only a few months down the line, we received the following note from Donna:

“When I first began support with Carr Gomm, I was going through a difficult time in my life. I have Bipolar Disorder and had been unwell for a number of years, but due to circumstances, I became ill with anxiety and depression. I became very isolated and did not want to go out of my house.

Through support from Carla, which involved going for walks, chatting and introducing me to activities such as yoga in my community, I was able to build up my confidence and energy again. Carla was very open and friendly and I felt under no pressure at any time with her. She made it very clear that the support was to be at my pace and that I was in control of what we were doing.

Thanks to Carla’s support, I now feel that I am in recovery from being unwell and I have continued to access the activities she introduced me to.

Without Carr Gomm, I feel my illness would have lasted much longer and it would have been more difficult to reach a point where I could begin recovery.

The support has been invaluable. Thank you to everyone involved, especially Carla.”

What a fantastic outcome. We are so pleased to hear that Donna is already achieving her goals and is actively participating in her local community again.

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