Beast from the East is no match for our social care heroes

Overcoming challenges

The chaos wrought by the Beast from the East last week may have caused much of the country to grind to a halt, but it didn’t stop our dedicated teams from ensuring the safety of the people we support.

As an organisation, we would like to say a huge thank you to all our colleagues across Scotland who went above and beyond the call of duty during what was a very challenging couple of days.

From workers driving 15 miles in 16 inches of snow, to walking incredible distances to get where they needed to be – we’ve been inundated with stories of outstanding resilience and determination from across the country.

One of our colleagues, in her 70s, had no hesitation about undertaking a three-mile round trip twice in one day to make sure that the people she supports weren’t left alone.

Another colleague walked for three hours to ensure that the person she supported had at least one hot meal to eat that day.

Then there were those that put their personal life on hold by coming in on their days off, working extra hours, covering staff breaks, taking on additional night shifts to allow other colleagues to take some rest…the list goes on.

We also had managers who made themselves available day and night. Without this level of commitment, there would have been a great risk to the people we support who rely on us throughout the day. 

The initiative shown by our teams has been so inspiring. Nobody had to be asked to help or go the extra mile, everyone just took it upon themselves to pitch in and do what needed to be done. You are all heroes.  

This said, none of the above could have been achieved without the help of local communities. We want to acknowledge the efforts of those communities that rallied together to help make the work of our colleagues possible.

People opened up their homes, prepared hot food and drink and ferried workers around without a second thought.

A particular thanks to the coastguard at Seaboard villages and the husband of one of our colleague’s in Falkirk for providing transport over an extensive time period – we thank you very much!

We’re always on the lookout for people who have the kind of traits demonstrated by our teams over the last week, so if you’ve been inspired by what you’ve read and would like to know more about our teams and the work we do, please get in touch.

Further information can be found here: or you can call 0300 666 3030 to chat to someone directly.

Penned by Lucy Wren, CEO at Carr Gomm.