Community Contacts - a helping hand with SDS

Quote from Emma: Community Contacts has helped me find the support for my Mum...Our Community Contacts project in Argyll offers ‘a helping hand with Self-Directed Support (SDS)’. We do this by providing independent advice, information and support to people and their families at every stage of the SDS journey.

Self-Directed Support (SDS) gives people more choice and control over decisions about their social care and support and in how it is managed. Legislation was passed in April 2014 which gives people who need social care the right to be involved in shaping their support.

SDS gives people the opportunity to choose from one of four options for how their Individual (social care) Budget will be used to help them meet their personal outcomes. The four options are:

  1. A budget taken as a Direct Payment which the person then spends towards meeting the outcomes agreed in their care plan.
  2. An Individual Service Fund (ISF) is allocated to a provider the individual chooses. The council or other suitable organisation holds the budget, but the person is in charge of how it is spent.
  3. The council arrange a service or services.
  4. Individuals can choose a mixture of all 3 for different types of support.

Quote from Florence: we were stuck on this journey... Simon helped us move things forwardCommunity Contacts staff and trained volunteers work with individuals, finding out what is important in their lives and helping them to think about what support could be useful into the future.

The Community Contacts team invests time in getting to know communities by having conversations with community members and groups. Our networks help us support people to make connections for themselves with others in their community as part of their SDS journey.

Community Contacts also facilitates opportunities for people to offer each other mutual support throughout the SDS journey. Volunteers help host community based ‘SDS Blether Groups’ which enable people to come together informally to share tips and experiences on accessing SDS.

We also support people to access ClickGo, Carr Gomm’s award-winning technology which enables people to manage their support at the touch of a button.

For more information on the Community Contacts project, contact Becs Barker, Project Manager o07766 925 388 or email Or you can follow the project team on Twitter: @SDS_Contacts