What Support Means to Us

Support is how we work with people to enable them to live the life they choose.  We use our knowledge, skills, training and value based approach to identify how we can best add to the person’s strengths and abilities enabling them to live successfully within their own home and community.

Our role is not to do things for people that they can do for themselves but to work with them when they need help. Our support :

  • could be with very practical tasks such as housework, making a meal, shopping or laundry.
  • may mean help with personal care such as bathing.
  • could be assistance to go out and about. 
  • may mean emotional support to let people feel settled and make any changes in their lives.

Everyone is different and we all need support with different things. As an organisation we will help with any area of someone’s life as long as we can do this safely.

Our workers are all trained to a very high standard and will plan with the individual person on how we can work together. This is documented in a ‘Support Plan’, in which we ensure we meets expectations and we are consistent in our support. 

Support work is very skilled, which is why we have teams, training, staff supervision and a strong set of values to guide us. This helps both new and experienced workers.  Our work is exciting, rewarding and at times challenging.

  • We are good at what we do and care about getting it right  - that’s Carr Gomm support;
  • When people feel safe and secure, when they are treated with respect and know there’s someone there, no matter what – that’s Carr Gomm support;
  • When it’s all about the person and what they need – that’s Carr Gomm support.