Our Philosophy and Values

Carr Gomm is a not-for-profit company and a Scottish Charity which  provides services to people with a wide range of reasons for needing our support.  Our philosophy of support is based on the fact we are all human beings who naturally have a lot to contribute to each other and wider society.  

We base our work on our values, which are:

  • choice
  • control
  • openness & honesty
  • interdependence
  • respect.

Operationally we also use: cost efficiency, joint working and involvement

We practice a person-centred approach where the uniqueness of the individual is recognised and individual needs, hopes and dreams are identified.  From this we can work together to create a plan that is appropriate to that person and what we can provide for them.

In addition, we support people as a member of a wider grouping of family, friends and community; our work includes supporting the strength of this network and encouraging its place in people’s lives.  We can do this by ensuring cooperation and inclusion but also through developing opportunities.

Our focus is on the wellbeing and recovery of the individual and what we can contribute to the journey to achieve this.  We are invited into people’s lives when they need a partner on the journey, we are privileged to be asked, and committed to being the best support we can be.